End of Year Tax Planning

November is a great time to do tax planning before the end of the year. Reviewing your tax position now gives you time to implement tax saving strategies before the “busyness” of the holiday season sets in. Here are several techniques that could help you keep more money in your pocket (until Black Friday that […]

Do you want what happened to Prince’s family to happen to yours?

This highly recognized luminary is drawing much attention as his death is causing family acrimony over the performer’s more than $300 million estate.  The disappointing fact about this drama is it could have been avoided if he had, as a start, a will to address his desires. Sometimes we are brought to action because of […]

Rental Car, Umbrella & Home Insurance

Please read below from our trusted insurance partner Steve Duris at Frontier Insurance about the importance of personal umbrella liability policies, renting cars and making sure you have the right amount of dwelling coverage. Umbrella Insurance and Liability Limits You have insurance for two reasons…. 1. to restore people you have injured and property you have damaged 2. more importantly […]