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In sports, it helps to have a coach: an experienced advisor with an outside perspective. The coach can compare and contrast this athlete’s performance with not only other athletes the coach has worked with, but also more successful athletes that the coach has studied. These insights can be priceless for the athlete. Quite simply, the athlete is too close to the process to see things clearly.

In business, the same is true: an outside perspective can reveal shortcomings that the business owner cannot see themselves. Moreover, a business coach can suggest successful strategies that other businesses have used… and avoid unsuccessful strategies that the business coach has seen attempted in the past. A successful business coach must have in-depth, close experience with businesses both large and small, established firms and brand new startups.

Who knows your business better than the trusted professionals who help you every day… your CPA?

Not only does your CPA know your business but also other businesses similar to yours in size, scope, strengths and weaknesses; plus, your CPA has the advantage of seeing the real financial results of business strategies both successful and unsuccessful. Your CPA can help you avoid the pitfalls in your path that you might not even see.

ClearPath can help the business owner in setting objectives, determining what needs to be done to accomplish them, implementing the plan and evaluating its success. ClearPath on call CFO programs will help you understand where you are now, where you want to go and how to get there.

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We Track Your Company’s Performance

ClearPath Advisors has cutting-edge technology and tools that allow us to compare your company’s performance to others in your industry on a national, regional and state basis. We simplify the comparisons so you are only tracking a few numbers – the right ones that drive your business. We use our accounting expertise to track historical performance and identify trends that can affect your opportunities for success.

Our business advisory services are designed to address specific needs your business may have. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Entity Structure Planning
  • Budgeting/Forecasting
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Business Health Analysis
  • Rental Property Operations Analysis

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Tax Planning is a critical component of any well run business.  The implementation of numerous tax law changes means that tax planning is now more important than ever.  The ClearPath team will help you implement tax strategies to minimize your tax liabilities so you have more money to put to work for your business and family..

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Am I saving enough for retirement?  What will happen to my business when I die?  Can I afford to send my kids to college? We know the questions keep you awake at night and can help you find the answers.  Our team will evaluate your financial status and make recommendations to achieve your financial goals.

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As business owners, we know that staying compliant with government tax regulations is one of the many items on the ever growing to do list. No one likes tax surprises. We work with our clients throughout the year so we can plan for tax liabilities. When it’s time to file your income tax returns in the spring, you will already know well ahead of time of any projected payments due or refunds owed making your annual income tax filing easy and stress free.